Reading Skill: A Key to the Development of Language Acquisition




Language Acquisition, Language Skill, Reading, Printed Materials


Every human being more or less wants to express something to somebody for which one needs a language. Some expressions of poets, singers, artists, writers, social workers, leaders, politicians and philosophers are placed in printed materials - newspaper, periodicals, journal, magazines and above all books by means of language for future generations to come. Moreover, the same thing in same language can be expressed by different people in different ways in various places. Thus the scope of language gets enlarged day by day coming contact with other languages as the river gets widened running continually over years accompanied by other small drains, rivulets etc. Needless to say, unfathomable is the depth of language that cannot be measured in a single day or effort. The vast arena of language may be cultivated by the habit of constant reading which involves both speaking & listening skills. By reading one move in the world of language. One cannot acquire the use of language unless and until one is exposed to it. It is the style of language that helps the speaker to attract and win everybody’s heart. This paper examines how language skills are cultured by reading activity. It also explores possible ways of how reading skill, firstly; enriches the readers with profound vocabulary, secondly; enables them to use language with clarity, accuracy and fluency, and last but not the least; makes the speakers well communicative, interactive, and economic in effective use of language. Lack of language creates a communication gap and this small gap invites a massive misunderstanding which very often spoils unity, integrity, brotherhood among the users, and after all makes human beings dumb and dull. 


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