The Creative Launcher always makes it sure to espouse a virtuous academic procedure to deal with the received complaint (s) to the Journal/Publisher level committee which is called “Complaint Handling Committee (CHC)”.  The aforementioned committee shall consist a well-informed person(s)/member who has knowledge to deal with such complaint(s)/or request (a). It may have a member of academic institution or has been or has a Dean/Professor/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor or one who hold (s) any academic post in any institution or university.  Such requested complaint shall be called “Direct Complaint” for dealing/handling purpose(s) at the end of the committee. The person who makes complaint or request or grievance shall be deemed to be the “Request Maker” for all purpose(s) herein mentioned.

“Direct Complaint” may be requested at:

Appellate Authority

After expiry of 30 Day(s) “The Request Maker” if feels unsatisfied, may address the “Appeal” to the “Appellate Authority” by mentioning in subject line “Appeal for Complaint handling Committee (CHC)” to Such appeal shall be dealt by the “Editor Chief of the Journal” and Editor Chief of the Journal at any stage or at any point of time it appears that such request shall be dealt by the mentioned authority may by suo moto call or deal with such request before coming to the appeal.

Managing Team