Objectives of Teaching and Interactive Learning





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An important aspect of teaching is to promote learners’ awareness and an appropriate learning strategy can enhance success with the learning task. The different types of Strategies like Memory, Cognitive, Compensation, Social Strategies and skills provide the learners with the opportunity to practice progress in their own way. The main role of the English teacher is to help students discover effective approaches to learning and to stimulate knowledge and provides kills to the learners. They must adapt various approaches to teaching in order to serve the needs of the students. Teaching methodologies define specific roles for a teacher as an analyst, curriculum developer, counselor, mentor, and a researcher. Researchers of class room interaction have developed observational systems to describe and classify patterns of student-teacher interaction. Teachers create their own roles within the classroom based on their theories of teaching and learning. A more recent model of teaching used in mainstream education, known as active teaching reflects the management and monitoring of learning as a primary role for teachers. The study highlights the ways in which the teachers and learners can collaboratively engage in developing effective approaches to interactive learning.


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