The burial of Education in Telangana State Politics (2014 onwards)


  • Dr. V. Giri Prasad Ph. D. Assistant Professor of English KUPGC, Khammam, India



Monopoly, Democracy, Education, Budget, Monger


The above title of the article stands to pleasing that not to harm and destroying "knowledge society in India". However the delight and held in reverence to moral dedicated politicians in our country. Meanwhile there shall be healthy criticism but finding out who the culprits are those who planned behind the curtain to destroying education in newly formed Telangana glorious State. Set of issues about education destruction, Tracing out the ground reality of deliberate decisions which spoiled completely the beautiful quality environment of education in our Telangana state. These worst things happened in Telangana state due to the miscreant attitudes that expose their villainous traits in so called democratic rule. In spite of all evils against education in Telangana state, we all should give a big thanks to God who established immovable solid constitutional foundation through the incredible man Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. In this connection, most valuable caution to teachers of state and our country India. Teaching is noble profession that can establish the development of society. If teachers don’t realise and repent for quality teaching which they can gain by commitment and dedication, they are to become ‘one of the major reasons’ for society destruction. There is an inspiring statement ‘Good teachers matter more than the curriculum and administration. There are millions of dedicated teachers which produced by India. Thanks to mother India. But few are to bring bad name and sluggish by losing their valuable opportunity. The gist of this article is the criminal politics and "lawbreaking allocation of budget funds" for education in Telangana Government fell shocked since 2014. This is the exact core reason the destruction schemed started!


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DOI: 10.53032/tcl.2019.4.4.07
Published: 2019-10-31

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