Recasting Dalit Experience through Graphic Biography: A Critical Analysis of Bhimayana: Experiences of Untouchability




Caste, Untouchability, Dalit Experience, Graphic narratives, Caste system


This paper provides a critical analysis of Bhimayana: Experiences of Untouchability, a graphic biography on the experiences of caste discrimination and resistance that Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar recorded in his autobiographical illustrations, and CNN hailed this book as being among the top five political comic books. Unlike other biographies, which often address those enthusiastic about Dr Ambedkar and his anti-cast struggle. The Bhimayana Provides critical insight into the negligence and caste-ridden mind of the Indian psyche towards the architect of the Indian constitution. This graphic biography also provides a dint to educate non-Dalit who seems to ignore the contributions and drudgeries of Dr Ambedkar.


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DOI: 10.53032/tcl.2022.7.5.03
Published: 2022-10-30

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Dr. Shamsudheen MK. “Recasting Dalit Experience through Graphic Biography: A Critical Analysis of Bhimayana: Experiences of Untouchability”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 7, no. 5, Oct. 2022, pp. 31-36, doi:10.53032/tcl.2022.7.5.03.



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