Heed to Lead: A Key to Listening Skill



Listening Skill, Attention, Understanding, Analyze, Synthesize, Active and Passive listening, Resolution, Non-verbal Cues



Listening is considered as an important part of communication skills. The listeners have to listen acutely to enhance their skills. When listening is done consciously the communication bond improves better among the communicators. In order to understand any language, one has to eavesdrop keenly. At first, when we came into the world we started listening and naturally developed our mother tongue. Likewise, to maintain good bond among our fellow human beings we have to lend our ears to their emotions. Stop incessant listening to electronic gadgets and social media and give importance to the conscious feelings of our people. Listening skills fabricates the rapport and encourages understanding of the fellow human beings by feelings and their point of views. When one regularly follows active listening, he/she can add information and kindle new ideas and solve problems. Altogether it helps to progress communication and provides solution to overcome obstacles in bonding language and life.


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