Making Visible the Invisible: An Analytical Elucidation of Tishani’s Poems

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Dr. Gunjan Saxena


Tishani Doshi channels her unique potential into her creative work as a scholarly Indian poet, passionate artist and astounding dancer. She converts dexterously the bitter realities of life into words and scatters literary gems liberally in her poetic realm. Her ‘overlapping concerns’ through creative writing (poems, novels) and rhythmic movements make her subsequent career unparalleled. Although Tishani is deft to articulate her literary caliber through poetry and novel both, yet poetry provides her the nuts and bolts of expressing the abstract feelings into words with concrete images.  Her poems leave indelible impression upon the mind of the reader. The minimal words of poems contain plethora of philosophy and provide the possibilities to widen our imagination. She dares to ponder over umpteen baffling questions related to pre-natal existence, post mortal destination, our real abode etc. While pouring out her bubbling genuine notions particularly in poems, she appears to unwrap life’s those mysteries which remain incomprehensible or unrevealed for a layman. Through her treasure trove of poetry, she temps us to fumble the hidden philosophy regarding isolation, crisis of identity, nostalgia, rootlessness and nervous exhaustion with fluctuation of moody unhappiness. What makes the poems worth reading is the coating of spiritual belief and mysticism upon them. The comprehensive analytical articulation represents conspicuously the screeching of an alienated soul yearning for a perennial settlement in this cosmos.


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Dr. Gunjan Saxena. “Making Visible the Invisible: An Analytical Elucidation of Tishani’s Poems”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 7, no. 2, Apr. 2022, pp. 42-49, doi:10.53032/tcl.2022.7.2.05.
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