Quarantine Girl: Mental Distress and Trauma in the Times of Covid-19

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Riya Mary Peter


Since the biblical times, the concept of quarantine has been implemented throughout the pages of history in several places whenever there was an existence of a threatening situation. Outbreak of plague or flu or diphtheria or smallpox relatively imposed restrictions on human beings and now in the times of Covid-19, an extensive quarantine procedure is applied throughout the globe since December 2019.  On the outset, the process seems comparatively simple but the impact or the mental trauma bestowed upon the humans to be alone in a room, having to do anything is distressing and equally depressing. The 2020 film, Quarantine Girl, directed by Nichole D' Angelo and Gregory Hataka, has realistically portrayed how it feels to be in solitude during the pandemic. The heroine of the film, Ruby embarks on a tiresome journey of quarantine solely where she loses her “normal” self and tragically falls into the pit of mental disorder. The paper analyses how the heroine, Ruby has transformed from a vigorous personality to the ‘depressed’ mad woman at the end.


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Riya Mary Peter. “Quarantine Girl: Mental Distress and Trauma in the Times of Covid-19”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 6, no. 1, Apr. 2021, pp. 20-26, doi:10.53032/TCL.2021.6.1.03.


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