The Dynamics of Binodini’s Character in Rabindranath Tagore’s Chokher Bali




Progressive, Modernity, Realism, Psychological, Aesthetic, Widowhood, Self-Affirmation, Rebel, Dowry-System, Non-Conformist


Chokher Bali is considered as one of the best-known works of Rabindranath Tagore. The novel is a character-based work which is completely progressive in its essence. Binodini, the protagonist, is personification of intellect, grace, femininity, commitment and skills. She is a woman of desire in spite of being a widow. She is dreamer but at the same time deeply attached with her roots and reality. The dynamics of her character, the subtle nuances which she depicts are the epitome of aesthetic development in a character for the need of the plot. She rebels and out rightly rejects the paradigm of widowhood set by the patriarchy. The way Tagore portrays her character even the negatives, the flaws, the shortcomings in Binodini, appear to be very natural and spontaneous. Widowhood is all about seclusion and loneliness and the character of Binodini is all about debunking and shattering the myths related to widowhood. This paper is an attempt to focus on the artistic character of Binodini and realism attached with her aspirations.


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