Shifting of Language Teaching Methodology from Traditional Classroom to Virtual Classroom


  • Dr Parbin Sultana (M.A., M. ED., Ph. D.) Assistant Professor, College of Education, Morigaon, Assam



Virtual Classroom, Teaching Strategy,, Online Platform, Technology


A new paradigm in the field of education has been noticed since last few years. The educators have accepted that they have to indulge themselves in technology based education with innovative methodology to challenge the current need and to coexist in the modified world. The instructors and the learners shift from traditional method to virtual method of teaching learning by adapting the conditional role of staying at home for the pandemic of corona virus all over the world and subsequently have understood the flexibility nature of teaching learning on this way. However, this is a challenging phase to shift educational environment from contemporary traditional classroom to a technology oriented learner centred classroom. Here, the teachers need to expertise on technological use, methodology of teaching, instructional strategy, and assessment and evaluation system and so on. This paper mainly aims to focus on methodological transformation in language teaching. For this study, information is collected from internet sources, books, newspaper article, lectures, and workshops.


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