The Inconspicuous Relationships between Language Acquisition and Learning




Language Acquisition, Language Learning, Tools, Language Theories


This research paper throws light on the inconspicuous relationships between language acquisition and learning. It introduces the meanings of language acquisition and learning based on the researches of Pritz Hutabarat and Imran Hussain. Tools for language acquisition, such as movies, games and social networks, are explained clearly in this research paper followed by the definitions of language acquisition and its characteristics. Tools of language learning, such as classroom education and activities, are explained in detail along with the definitions of language learning and its characteristics. These mentioned parts have the testimonials of Fernandes Arung, Aladdin Assaiqeli, Yolanda A.Rankin, Rachel Gold, Bruce Gooch, Hosni M.El-Dali, Parlingdungan Pardede, Eva Alcon, and Jenny X. Montano-Gonzalez. Behaviourist Theory, The Innateness Theory, Cognitive Theory, The Motherese Theory, and Socio-Cultural Theory are the theories of language development that present in this research paper. To prove these language developmental theories, Entisar Khalifa Aljoundi and Dr. Md. Enamel Hoque’s research findings based on the experimental findings of Edward Thorndike, B.F Skinner, Noam Chomsky, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are provided with suitable examples. This research paper is aimed to spotlight the two most inconspicuous relationships between language acquisition and learning.


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