Variegated Aspect of the Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra

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Dr. Ashish Gupta


Much of modern poetry speaks about contemporary life and society. Poems of today are short and compact. They deal with various aspects of common life. Delicate feelings and personal notes are handled deftly. Creative work in poetry is a discovery of oneself at a particular moment which just happens and it does not follow a particular programme. Poetry is discovered, not invented. It is a free and natural blooming that takes place in a language rather than a planed composition meant to be accommodated in a framework, already existing. The poet creates a new form which helps him know himself, see himself, and analyse himself. It is like self-creation and self-realisation, which reveal the beauty of poetry that flows from the heart of the poet. Poets like Jayanta Mahapatra pictures the live and vital nature of earth and society and the themes of their poems bring forth and present the important places of Orissa. English Poetry in India, today makes the English language more malleable to change with ease and naturalness. The poets draw their themes, with conscious efforts, out of the glorious ancient Indian culture. The collage of concrete images derived from the multi-dimensional learning of science, economy, geography, philosophy, psychology, ethics, scriptures and so on vindicates the realistic trends that pervade modern poetry. It is in this context, the researcher feels that a study has to be undertaken on Jayanta Mahapatra who has carved a niche for himself in Indian poetry in English by merging the inward and outward modes of expression.


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Dr. Ashish Gupta. “Variegated Aspect of the Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 4, no. 4, Oct. 2019, pp. 24-30, doi:10.53032/tcl.2019.4.4.04.
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Dr. Ashish Gupta, Professor & Head Deptt. Of English Govt. Girls College Betul (M.P.)

Dr. Ashish Gupta is Professor & Head of the Department of English in Govt. Girls College, Betul (M.P.), India. His teaching experience is 27 years. Under his supervision, a number of scholars are awarded Ph.D. & M. Phil. Till now, more than 100 research papers of him are published in reputed journals & anthologies. He has attended many national/international Seminars/Webinars, FDPs & conferences, presented papers/chaired the session and got appreciation. He is the Associate editor/ member of the Editorial/Advisory/Review board of various prestigious International Refereed Peer reviewed Journals on literary explorations. He is a well appraised academician amongst literary personalities. He is member, Board of Studies English in Chhindwara University. He has completed one Minor Research Project under financial assistance of UGC. Till now 20 edited books, 5 authored books, 3 e books from renowned publications and 3 patents are in his credit.


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