The Uneasiness of the Crown: A Comparative Study of Nayak and Autograph

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Anjan Das


This paper presents a comprehensive comparative study of two acclaimed Indian films, Nayak (1966) and Autograph (2010), to shed light on their cinematic narratives, legacy, cultural contexts, artistic significance and ultimate messages. Satyajit Ray’s experimental movie Nayak tries to uncover the psychology and mental anguish of a movie star of great fame. Srijit Mukherjee’s Autograph explores the same theme but with much complex varieties giving us an alternative reality of Ray’s picture. Both the film set against the backdrop of the film industry, weave together a tapestry of narratives as they follow the lives respectively of Arun Chatterjee and Arindam Mukhopadhyay reflecting on their past and reconnecting with their roots. Apart from analysis, this paper highlights two of the main themes explored in the film: one is the idea of fame and success and another is the actor-director relationship. Furthermore, the paper also tries to examine whether Autograph can be regarded as a successful tribute to Nayak or not. The paper explores the stylistic devices used by Satyajit Ray and Srijit Mukherjee in addition to comparing Nayak and Autograph. It does this by examining how each director uses character development, narrative structure, and cinematography to portray the complex layers of their protagonists’ struggles. The goal of the paper is to explore how the Indian film industry’s dynamic actor-director relationship and changing views on success and fame are reflected in the societal and cultural shifts that occurred between the times the films were made.


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