Picturization of Women: With Reference to the Select Poems of Jayanta Mahapatra

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Ms. I. M. Sheeba Alorcious
Dr. K. Balachandran


The present research aims to explore the representation and portrayal of women in the selected poems of Jayanta Mahapatra, one of India’s most profound and prolific contemporary English poets. His compelling depictions of women often encompass and transcend the boundaries of traditional Indian cultural norms and societal structures, thus requiring a detailed, nuanced investigation. His poems deal with the alienation of women from themselves and from the society.  The atrocities that are exerted on women is explicitly exposed by the poet. They were not only termed as weaker sex by the patriarchal society but also made them as such. The poet stands by the deprived section of the society and acts as a voice of them, as the silent screaming is not heard by the world.  His works serve as a bridge between the world of man and the world of woman. The pivotal focus of this study is an examination of Mahapatra’s depiction of women, ranging from symbolizing pure innocence and tradition to epitomizing complex modern experiences and gendered identity. The research critically investigates how the poet’s use of imagery, metaphors, and symbolic language paints a vivid picture of women across his poems, thereby adding another dimension to the thematic concerns of his poetic oeuvre. Moreover, the paper scrutinizes the elements of socio-cultural context, gender constructs, and feminist perspectives within Mahapatra's poetic descriptions. Through this examination, it seeks to analyze the intertwining of the personal, social, and cultural experiences of women in the poet's picturization. The study further delves into Mahapatra's poetry’s use of nature and its metaphorical connections to femininity, while considering Indian societal realities and dynamics. Mahapatra’s depiction of women in his poetry transcends from being merely characters to profound representations of societal paradigms and discourses, reflecting the inherent challenges and conflicts that women face in a patriarchal society.


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Ms. I. M. Sheeba Alorcious, and Dr. K. Balachandran. “Picturization of Women: With Reference to the Select Poems of Jayanta Mahapatra”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 8, no. 3, June 2023, pp. 50-56, doi:10.53032/tcl.2023.8.3.06.
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