The Elements of Supernatural and Magic Realism in Toni Morrison’s Beloved


  • Prof. Sanjay Kumar Swarnkar (Head) Dept. of English C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Shalini Shukla Research Scholar, Department of English C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India



Ghost, Beloved, Marginalization, Reincarnation, Supernatural, Magic Realism


The present research paper is a study of the elements of Magic Realism and the supernatural elements in the novel, Beloved by the Nobel laureate novelist Toni Morrison. The term Magic Realism was originally applied in the 1920s to the school of surrealist German painters and was later used to describe the process fiction of writers like George Luis Burges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Salman Rushdie etc. These writers weave a sharply etched realism representing ordinary events and details together with fantastic and dream-like elements, as well as with material derived from myth and fairy tales. The German critic Franz Roz introduced the concept of Magic realism in 1920 and it was first used in paintings. The term was introduced in the book Post-expressionism, Magic Realism: Problem of the Most Recent European Paintings in 1925. The purpose here is to analyze the elements of magic realism in the novel, Beloved. We can see supernatural elements in Sethe’s house that bring chaos by haunting everyone through its mysterious presence, and making Sethe’s both the sons Howard and Buglar run away. It appears to be the ghost of a baby which was murdered by Sethe. The ghost causes the things in the house to break and shake mysteriously. In magic realism fiction the ghosts are the central characters generally. In the novel Beloved Morrison has portrayed the ghost as a living person. Thus, the dominance of a unique, mystical and gloomy atmosphere can be seen throughout the novel.


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