Environmental Concern in the Poetry of Syed Ameeruddin

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Ram Avadh Prajapati


In the process of modernization human beings are using environment and natural resources to fulfill their needs. In this process our environment and its elements are being used recklessly and without proper concern. Due to unethical ravishment of physical nature and environment different kinds of problems have emerged before human beings. Different kinds of diseases are spreading time and again. Taking these problems as serious issue contemporary thinkers have started a kind of campaign to make people aware of the facts that knowingly or unknowingly we are responsible for these distressing issues. Now the deep concern of human beings is how to save our fragile world from ecological disaster. Global warming, pollution, Ozone depletion and deforestation are increasing day by day. Worldwide environmental awareness is being created by academicians, thinkers, politicians and environmentalists to protect and preserve eco system by living more and more eco-friendly and to bring about environmental conservation through protection of flora and fauna by providing clean energy and sustainable development. Today world peace is threatened not only by warfare conflicts but also by lack of due respect for nature and its elements by its irresponsible and reckless exploitation and destruction. During 20th century different movements started to make us aware of some facts regarding disturbances in the environment. It has been in our sensibility to understand and respect nature and its parts since the dawn of human existence but it was not studied till 1960’s.


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