Diasporic Consciousness and Parsi Identity in Rohinton Mistry' Such a Long Journey

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Tabish Majid
Rumana Nisar


Rohinton Mistry, the diasporic writer deals with migrant experience and his works depicts parsi culture ethos, dilemma of migration, love for the homeland, hybridity and quest for identity. Mistry's deep concern for his parsi community in india and the development of post colonial India in general. The paper seeks to explore the identity and voice of the surviving diaspora in India. The story of "such a long journey" aptly communicates the feelings and apprehensions of minority community and exploited history to explore into broader concern of parsi community. The picture of anguish, the apprehension, the insecurity, the sense of alienation and sense of displacement is strongly felt by the parsis. Mistry reflects the dilemma of his minority community and it's identity crisis. Parsis are a small closely related community who face the feeling of alienation and insecurity. Decline in parsi community as close to threat of extinction. New parsi writers maintain their ethnic identity through their creative writing.


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Tabish Majid, and Rumana Nisar. “Diasporic Consciousness and Parsi Identity in Rohinton Mistry’ Such a Long Journey”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 2, no. 3, Aug. 2017, pp. 228-32, http://thecreativelauncher.com/index.php/tcl/article/view/535.
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