R. K. Narayan’s The Bachelor of Arts: Self-Realization in Hindu Traditional Family

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G. Bala Krushna Reddy


The Bachelor of Arts (1935) is one of R. K. Narayan’s best Indian novels written in English designed with the intent to show a mirror to the society of the false love, attractions and reality. It bespeaks of the key character’s Chandran’s struggle and determination to live a second life after much retrospection. What Narayan endeavors and aims to do in this novel is to set right the societal issues and check before it slips out of the clutch. Chandran is shown both as a real man and everyman because of his realistic attributes. Thus, Narayan depicts the problems of Chandran as everyman’s. Chandran’s life is categorized into three stages in the first term as student in the last year of his college life, in the second term as a romantic lover and in the third term as a sanyasi. For Narayan, life is full of charm; one has to only choose the right dose of happiness and joy to make a pleasurable living.


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