Folk Music and Dances of Tripura: With Special Reference to Tripuri Tribe

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Surajit Debbarma


India is a culturally very rich land. There is a diversity of cultures present here which are all interrelated and at the same time very different from each other. Culture is even varied in the people following the same religion according to various factors like social order and religion. However, a comparative study of different cultures is necessary to come to an understanding of collectiveness and commonality of it. As human beings cannot survive alone there has to be an exchange of thoughts and this is reflected in different cultures. Such a thought process is necessary in the human race as people are interdependent on each other. It is not applicable in the lower beings though, as they are directly under the laws of nature. Tribal culture is presently at a crossroads. The new generation is not much familiar with our culture and in this age of globalization the ocean of Tripuri culture stands depleted as the new generation fails to grasp the relevance of the art forms of the not so distant past. As the new generation does not realize the importance of our traditions the tribal culture of Tripura is being threatened by forces of commercialization. This is why we need to explore and expose our rich heritage which is lying dormant.


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Surajit Debbarma. “Folk Music and Dances of Tripura: With Special Reference to Tripuri Tribe”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 2, no. 3, Aug. 2017, pp. 159-65,
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