Psychological Marginalization in Nergis Dalal's Skin Deep

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Krishna Murari Shukla
Dr. Ram Prakash Pradhan


Historically, Indian English literature writing was much more shaped and sustained by male writers, yet the women writers struggled to create a new and unexplored space for women so that they can free Indian women from the conservative society and make their importance in other fields of working abilities. Undoubtedly, they have really made miraculous efforts with words by blending the kind of robustness of language and fertility of ideas, which churn inside the kernel and consequently, most of the women writers are looking ideals for all time because the old pattern of patriarchal life has been no longer applicable. At present, women are seen much more changed and they have broken through the mould and their mind sets have also been changed in which they seem to be liberating on several levels. Women, in the day-today life, are no longer seen as the victims of patriarchal society that subdued them to be silent on the cruelties of the society. The image of the modern woman can be seen in her struggle for establishing her own identity which emerges as a dominant theme in the Indian English literature. At the outset, Indian women writers relished the idea of making an extensive exploration of Indian myth and legend but ongoing steps of Nergis Dalal delved deep into the layers of the human mind and gave ample evidence of her prosodic skill in portraying the sister relationship in this psychological novel. The twin sisters Naaz and Yasmin are rared diffently in the same family milieu where Yasmin is dear to her mother, Sophie and Naaz finds care and support from her grandmother only. Yasmin’s fair complexion brings everything for her easily and she enjoys her life easy going though later she faces adverse conditions. Naaz's bitter experiences of her childhood puzzle her even after her marriage with Ramesh and finally the most fatal consiquece, she faces that's the death of her husband by the entry of Yasmin in their life. The present research paper is trying to explore psycho-analytical problems of feminine sensibility and sisterhood knot in the novel by bringing its wake to the concept and dimensions of the introspection.


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Krishna Murari Shukla, and Dr. Ram Prakash Pradhan. “Psychological Marginalization in Nergis Dalal’s Skin Deep”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 2, no. 3, Aug. 2017, pp. 47-52,
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