Sustainable Resources and Sustainable Development

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Rakesh Kumar Verma


The concept of sustainability has become the current answer to absolving the world of its in the 21th centuries .since it is conceptualization, there has been a barrage of investigation and literature on the vagueness and ambiguity of its definition and applicability. There are two main opposing school of thought the pessimists, usually ecologist  and other scientist Who are equally convinced that the earth cannot support the world demand of renewal resources on the other side are the optimist the economist  who are equally convinced that the earth with market incentives, appropriate  public policy, material substation, recycling and new technology can satisfy the renewed and improve the quality of human welfare, of this and following generation indefinitely. Both view and supporting argument are explored in context of sustainable development. with  empirical evidence of ecosystem  evolution and resources maintenances  sustainable resources use is basically dependent on the outcome of cost increasing effect of depletion and cost reducing  effect of new technology .sustainability is therefore seen a dynamic concept based on attitude and flexibility not a final solution to utopia on earth.


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