A Study of Interpersonal Relationships in Bijender Singh’s Confusing Poetry

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Gazi Tareq Muzamil


Dr Bijender Singh is a teacher, poet, short-story writer, critic and an editor. He has written two poetry books in English Late Night Poetry and Confusing Poetry. He has written and edited more than fifteen books till date. Poetry gives him pleasure and that’s why he keeps writing lyrical poetry.  Language is not a constraint for him as he writes his poems in English, Hindi and his dialect, Haryanavi also. One among his notable books is Confusing Poetry. It is a collection of forty-five short poems with diverse themes. The researcher in this study has chosen only one theme of relationship from his poetry and explored the importance and intensity of family relationships. Present paper sheds light on the relationships of siblings, husband-wife relationships and the most notable parents-children relationships. The researcher came to the conclusion that the only selfless relationship among are these relationships is parents side in parent-child relationship.


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Gazi Tareq Muzamil. “A Study of Interpersonal Relationships in Bijender Singh’s Confusing Poetry”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 2, no. 3, Aug. 2017, pp. 25-33, http://thecreativelauncher.com/index.php/tcl/article/view/507.
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