A Social and Cultural Overview of Bundeli Folklore

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Jitendra Kumar Bharti


This particular paper aims to throw light on the culture and folk tradition of Bundelkhand region, a place which is located in the middle of Indian geographical map that’s the reason this place is known as the heart of India. If we peep into past, we will find that this particular region was known by various old names such as Chedi, Dasharn, Yudhdesh, Vanyadesh, Aatavyadesh, Jejakbhukti, Jujharkhand, Vindhyelkhand, and later on Bundelkhanddue to the impact of Budela Dynasty that was very popular and celebrated for their bravery and great deeds. Among the people of this region there is a folk saying which describes geographically this region- “BhainsbandhihaiOrchha, PadaHosangabad; LagveyahaiSagre, ChapiyaRewapaar.” In this saying, with the help of animals’ name they tried the map the boundary of the region. The folk of the region are very simple and coloured with rich cultural tradition. In their day to day life and activities, the impact of culture and tradition is clearly visible. This was still untouched by  growing industrialisation so it is known as backward region due to less development and poverty but at the same time with increasing effect of Globalization and technology the folk and their culture and traditions greatly affected by. We will explore the richness of culture and society and its traditions and rituals in the prevailing folklore of Bundelkhand.


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Jitendra Kumar Bharti. “A Social and Cultural Overview of Bundeli Folklore”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 5, no. 1, Apr. 2020, pp. 37-43, doi:10.53032/tcl.2020.5.1.06.


Folk, Values, Tradition, History, Rituals