The Fate of Man in Colin Wilson’s The Outsider

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Smt. Dikari Bonnie Lamare


The fate of man in the modern society has become a significant study that emerged in the field of literature and its analysis. Modern man is caught in a web of his emotions where the search for the truth of life and ultimate self-realization are the important ideals of human existence. The Outsider is an analysis and the study of man and his existence where the search for truth and self-realization becomes the highest ideals that he can ever achieve. The meaning of life and the search for truth can be depicted in Colin Wilson’s analysis of his theory The Outsider. Colin Wilson’s The Outsider is a philosophical study of the meaning of human existence and the search for truth and identity. This paper attempts to study Colin Wilson’s The Outsider in light of the fate of man in the modern world where the search for truth and identity has become a vague idea. Also, an attempt will be made to reveal the fate of man as Colin Wilson denotes in his philosophical work.


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Smt. Dikari Bonnie Lamare. “The Fate of Man in Colin Wilson’s The Outsider”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 5, no. 3, Aug. 2020, pp. 1-5, doi:10.53032/tcl.2020.5.3.01.


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