Siddhartha's Quest for Ultimate Truth: A Philosophical Analysis with Brahma Sutra Insights

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Nikita Tewari
Dr. Deepika Pant


The present study is an inquiry into the philosophical and spiritual implications of Brahman that are inextricably linked to the thematic concerns illustrated in Hesse’s novella Siddhartha. As Siddhartha embarks on his journey toward enlightenment, he undergoes a profound transformation in his perception of the world. He comes to the realization that the world is interconnected, unified, and subject to cyclical patterns. This newfound awareness becomes pivotal in Siddhartha’s quest for the ultimate truth, finally culminating in his identification with the supreme consciousness. In light of this, the paper aims to present an argument highlighting how Siddhartha's experiences and motivations are influenced by the philosophical concept of Brahman, as elucidated in the Brahma Sutra.


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Nikita Tewari, and Dr. Deepika Pant. “Siddhartha’s Quest for Ultimate Truth: A Philosophical Analysis With Brahma Sutra Insights”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 8, no. 6, Dec. 2023, pp. 77-85, doi:10.53032/tcl.2023.8.6.09.
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